Attack of the Deurgar

Sharn Log, Day 1

I could learn to love this town

This log is from the point of view of my party’s dragonborn paladin. Today was my first day in Sharn. This is way to exciting for me. I just got here and I’ve already been attacked. We had just been trudging through the forest for ten hours (great shortcut, Robert), when we heard a scream. There was a battle happening between an elf and three Deurgar (evil dwarf things). We were able to save the elf, and he turned out to be the Sharn chief of police. He gave me a job killing Deurgar, and gave everyone in the party 10 gold. Then Robert got what was coming to him. He tried to rob the elf, and he got found and slapped. You know what. I could learn to love this town!



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